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The Veterinary Centre, 207 Daventry Road Cheylesmore, Coventry, CV3 5HH

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 11:30am

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Reception/waiting room area

The Vet Centre Reception

We have a lovely modern, refurbished reception area, for you and your pets, where you will be greeted with a smile from our friendly reception staff.

In our air-conditioned, waiting room there are large scales where you can weigh your dog. Also a TV/DVD keeping you updated on our latest news. All our medical records are computerised.

We run an "appointment only service" to avoid waiting and because we rarely use locums, you can specify who you would like to see.

Consulting rooms

We have three spacious, well-equipped consulting rooms, each with weighing scales to accurately weigh tiny birds to giant dogs! Plus lots of modern, diagnostic equipment to assist the Veterinary surgeons with your pets.

Puppy parties

We run very successful FREE puppy parties for all our new arrivals. To give your puppy the best start in life, it is essential that you teach him/her to be well behaved, have good manners and to be friendly to people and other dogs.

Puppies grow fast, so you need to begin straight away. Our nurses are at the party to give veterinary advice and our puppy trainer teaches you and your puppy basic training skills and answers any other behavioural question that you may have. Its completely free and great fun!

Clinical area

Preparation area

The practice has a large prep area, where patients are assessed and prepared for surgery or diagnostic tests. We have a tub table where pets can be bathed and our dentals take place here. Our compressor air, dental equipment will give your pets the best smile! Our attention to detail is quite outstanding, all our patients are treated as if they were our own pets.

Kennel wards

We have two separate kennel wards, one for cats and rabbits and one for dogs. Our kennels are of various sizes including huge walk in kennels for the larger patients. All our patients have warm vet-beds to recover from their anaesthetic and we usually have gentle music playing as we find this relaxes your pet more.

Operating theatres

We have two dedicated theatres, where pets undergo all sterile procedures. Our experienced, dedicated staff, use state of the art anaestheticss and monitoring equipment, including ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximeters and core body temperature.

Our patients are kept warm, throughout their surgery on warm heated beds.


We have a designated laboratory filled with modern equipment for performing blood tests, including biochemistry/haematology/electrolytes and also urine analysis. We have two microscopes for diagnosing skin parasites/ performing cytology and examining blood smears. This extensive equipment enables us to get fast accurate results for a diagnosis for your pet.

Radiography Suite

The Vet Centre Reception

We have a powerful new digital X-ray system, capable of excellent quality radiographs. Digital X-rays are the latest innovation in radiography technology, which provides us with improved clarity and better diagnostic definition and enables us to find the cause of many internal problems your pet might have.

Diagnostic Suite

The Vet Centre Reception

We have two ultrasound machines for use in pregnancy detection and for diagnosing abdominal complaints. The ultrasound machines can be used for diagnosing bladder stones or abnormalities in the liver, kidneys and spleen, to name just a few.

We also have 3 different sized endoscopes. We use endoscopes for diagnosing stomach ulcers or infections and we can take biopsies or remove foreign bodies stuck in the stomach. We also use endoscopes to explore the airways and lungs and take necessary biopsies in order to diagnose respiratory problems.

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